Image 1 of Investment in a biomass power plant in Yamanashi prefecture

Investment in a biomass power plant in Yamanashi prefecture

Capacity: 6,950kW

Investment Date: September 2021

Commercial Operation Start: November 2023

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In cooperation with our strategic partner Green Thermal (GT), we have invested in and developed the third midsized biomass power plant that uses local, unutilized, general wood materials as fuel. This is the first biomass power plant in Yamanashi prefecture.

Investment Highlights

GT has been developing multiple, similar-sized biomass power plants in the country. We continue to cooperate with GT, and this project follows the Wakayama biomass power plant. Having a background in the forestry industry, GT has an advantage in establishing a strong and long-lasting relationship with forestry companies, making stable purchase of wood chips from a diverse network possible. With its experience in the operation and maintenance of biomass power plants, GT manages everything including the development, procurement of fuel and operation/maintenance on this project as well. The capacity of this plant is 6,950kW, and the plant plans to use 80,000 tons of unutilized, general wood materials annually. This project is expected to revitalize forestry in the area and contribute to the local economy by generating new industries and employment.

Future Actions

In July 2015, Kai City formulated the concept of "Kai City Biomass Industrial Community" with the aim of building environmentally friendly, disaster-resistant communities and has positioned this power plant as a key project. In accordance with the basic agreement concluded with Kai City in July 2021, we will proceed with the development of this project in cooperation with the city.

Posted on July 19, 2021