Image 1 of Strategic business and capital alliance with Green Thermal

Strategic business and capital alliance with Green Thermal

Investment Date: November 15, 2015

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Green Thermal (GT) is a leading company in the fields of midsized biomass power plant business that locally sources its wood-based fuels in Japan. It has strong advantages not only in the development of biomass power plants but also in the management and operation of the plants including the procurement of domestic timber, leveraging key executives' rich experience and deep know-how in the forestry industry.

Industry Perspectives

We are focusing on the development of local, community-based biomass power plants to form a sustainable resource-recycling society for the following reasons.
1. Biomass power plants supply stable electricity and are said to be the only promising stable base load power plants in the renewable energy sector.
2. Unlike large-scale biomass power plants mainly importing fuel from overseas, community-based biomass power plants source their fuel from local unutilized forest resources. The effective use of those forest resources contributes to better conservation and maintenance of the local forestry, leading to the prosperity of the Japanese forestry industry and disaster prevention.
3. Using the already existing transmission lines, the electricity generated near the mountains can be delivered to customers with less cost and less greenhouse gas emissions. Our community-based biomass power plants could largely contribute to the local economy as it can be operated right in the area where they are built, creating local industries and employment. A portion of the electricity can be consumed locally, ideally realizing a “locally produced, locally consumed” model of energy consumption.

Future Actions

Amid the trend of growing expectations towards renewable energies, we believe biomass power plants utilizing domestic wood as fuel will continue to bring value to the energy industry. Utilizing our financial arrangement capabilities including principal investment, we will expedite the development of various biomass power projects in collaboration with GT.

Posted on November 13, 2015