Tomoharu MASUDA

Senior Advisor

Tomoharu has been Senior Advisor since April 2023. He also serves as Deputy President of Daiwa Investment Management. Prior to this, he served as Senior Executive Managing Director of Daiwa Investment Management in 2022 and Daiwa Energy & Infrastructure in 2021.
Tomoharu joined Daiwa Securities in 1998 after a 10-year career at a commercial bank. At the dawn of domestic securitization, bulk sale, corporation reconstruction and renewable energy businesses in Japan, he engaged in entrepreneurship within the Daiwa Securities Group. He is a specialist in structured finance and alternative asset investment and a founding member of the Structured Finance Department of Daiwa Securities SMBC, Daiwa PI Partners and Daiwa Energy & Infrastructure.
Tomoharu holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from Shiga University.